Production shots:

Before and after!


Exploratory tests:

Early Lucas rig on an obstacle course. ***I did this test before it had a facial rig. Sorry for the bland face and helmet-hair.



4.5 MB


Jimmy Neutron TV work:

these were fun shots to animate... i loved doing the subtle nervousness/affection Jimmy and Cindy were displaying to each other. this dude rocks.  i wish i could have animated him more!
principal willoughby is ambiguously gay.... el magnifico was one of my favorite characters!, hilarious! here's a clip where I snuck in a little something that Nickelodean never caught.  Hugh is actually "tasting" the poop that he's covered in.  heh heh. just a fun walk i animated.  i actually scrutinized "Saturday Night Fever" trying to figure out how Travolta did that crazy slick walk.
Hugh acting like Gollum---fun to animnate!!!        


Clips from VeggieTales and 321 Penguins:



I made this Dough-boy animation in college using Lightwave 5. It sucks, but it still gets a laugh.

One of my first animations.... twisted but still funny! My latest hand drawn project